Experience the rich flavors of Morocco with our authentic traditional breakfasts, heavenly sweets, and handcrafted pastries. Our bakery, established in 2014 in Marrakech, is a homage to the vibrant and genuine tastes of Morocco.



Experience the magic of traditional Moroccan breakfast at Abwab Al Azzouzia.

We take great care in selecting the finest ingredients to craft a breakfast menu that embodies the essence of Moroccan traditions. 

At Abwab Al Azzouzia, breakfast is more than just a meal – it’s a cultural experience. Come join us and be a part of the vibrant morning rituals that make Moroccan cuisine so unique.

Bester Kaffee, den ich auf meiner Reise getrunken habe. Die Torten sind ein Grund den nächsten Flug zu buchen. Vom JelmaElFna gut mit Alsa-Stadtbus Nr5 gut zu erreichen.
Samir Abdelilah
Samir Abdelilah
Lieu tres recommandé pour petit dejeuner beldi
Alexandra TURZO
Alexandra TURZO
Boulangerie parfaite pour les petits déjeuners et le salé Service rapide. Terrasse Grand choix de salé (pastilla, pizza,...), ils sont livrés chaque jour ce qui garantit la fraîcheur. Le dimanche beaucoup de famille y vont

Enjoy the wonderful taste of Abwab Al Azzouzia in making Moroccan pastries. They have delicious “sablé” and tasty almonds, mixed with a global touch, offering tempting French and American treats.

Moroccan sweets in marrakech

Almond Sweets

Discover the tasty world of almond treats at Abwab Al Azzouzia! Our yummy sweets are made with skill and have the delicious taste of almonds.

Gateaux marocain marrakech

Sable Sweets

Taste our 'sablé' sweets at Abwab Al Azzouzia! Our treats are expertly crafted and have the yummy flavor of 'sablé'.

macaron marrakech

French Treats

Experience a variety of yummy sweets from around the world at Abwab Al Azzouzia! Our selection includes tempting treats with international flavours that will delight your taste buds.



Enjoy the delicious flakiness of our tasty croissants at Abwab Al Azzouzia. Every yummy bite is a mix of rich buttery flavors, carefully made and baked just right for you to enjoy.


Treat yourself to the yummy tastes of our tarts at Abwab Al Azzouzia. Our buttery crusts hug a mix of fresh fruits and luxurious fillings, coming together to make a delicious blend of flavors.

Mille Feuilles

Feel the joy at Abwab Al Azzouzia as you enjoy our tasty Mille Feuilles. The delicate pastry and rich cream come together perfectly to make a heavenly dessert that will make all your senses happy.


Enjoy the delicious charm of our macarons at Abwab Al Azzouzia. The light, fluffy shells hold a burst of delightful flavours, making your taste buds happy and wanting more.

Our magic

More Than Just a Bakery

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